COVID-19 Update

Max Paterson
18th March 2020

I think it's fair to say we’ve all been pretty devastated by the virus. The freelance creatives certainly haven’t been an exception. 

Bear with, because here’s yet another COVID-19 update.


Well first and foremost, as of writing this my intentions are to remain in the UK as initially planned. I also will still be working for Speak Life, at this point remotely from home. 


As of today I’m not accepting any projects that require location filming within the next three months, projects that begin filming past July or later will be open to postponement or cancellation depending on the situation with the virus. With that said, I am very much still taking editing jobs. In 2019 I’ve been able to put together a variety of different videos creatively using stock, and already shot footage. You can find a playlist of church videos I’ve made here.

Through what is to be a financially difficult time, these remote jobs moving forward will be very greatly accepted. My rate for these of course has dropped, to help make things practical for business, and the turnaround time has also shortened having all projects ready for review in under 48hrs. 

Short Films

Narrative Shorts-min.jpg

The Narrative page on Valley Films is now up and running. At the moment we have 6 films added, with an additional 6 to be added in the coming weeks. 

Stay in touch

Moving forward Valley Films is going to have an email newsletter, updating on any new promotions, short films to watch and changes. We’d love to have your email to receive these updates. You can sign up here.

Finally thank you so very much for taking the time to read through this. I hope you are all staying safe, spending time at home. I also hope that this time can be very productive for you, especially creatives that have lost their main workload. 

Let’s be creative!


Director, Valley Films

For the first time How to Break into a Cinema is free to watch! This felt just right given the current climate. The film is approaching its 2nd year anniversary, and we’d love people to enjoy it without having to pay.

For myself there has been a definite hiatus in producing short narrative films lately. This largely due to time being prioritised to corporate work. However with an opening of time happening, more shorts are being put into pre-production. My intention is to produce at least one every 3 months, after the virus has cleared

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